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Epocrates Not in the Google Play Store (Android Market)

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The current version of Epocrates supports Android phones and tablets with a firmware version of 2.3 and higher (Note: Android OS 3 is not supported.) If your device has Android version 2.2 or lower, Epocrates will not be displayed in the Google Play Store (Android Market). 

To check your firmware version, please do the following: 

  1. Go to the applications area of your device. 
  2. Select "Settings." 
  3. Scroll towards the bottom and select "About Phone" or "About Tablet."
  4. The firmware version will be listed under "Firmware" or "Android version." (This is different than the "Software version.")
If the version is 2.2 or lower, it will be necessary to follow-up with your carrier or the manufacturer to determine if your device can be upgraded to a supported version of the Android OS.

If the version is 2.3 or higher (but not 3.x), please navigate to the following website from a computer and attempt to install:

If you are still not able to install and you have version 2.3 or higher, please contact Epocrates Support.



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